Dear Customers

BODY & SOUL is undergoing the biggest transformation in its history. From now on, the one and only BODY&SOUL is being rebranded as “My Club BODY & SOUL”. This new name will launch a membership system starting from October 2014.

As we approach the celebration of our 40th anniversary this August, we would like to thank you again for all of your heartfelt support and passion for Jazz music- as well as for your loyalty to the club.
In order to maintain this historical venue in the challenging times that the Tokyo Jazz has been facing for the last few years,we have come up with a solution that will help the club to survive and thrive.This solution is a direct response to the advice, suggestions and requests received from our loyal supporters.
First of all, we plan to make renovations to both the interior of the club and its exterior.Secondly, whilst continuing to welcome non-members, we will also introduce a new member’s club system which will hold many benefits for members. Members’ benefits include a special discount of 500 yen on tickets for them and their guests and priority reservations for special events. The membership fee costs 10,000 yen per year per person.
This membership system does not only provide many benefits relating to the club itself, but registering as a member is also an act of support for the Jazz music scene. Below are the names of artists that have endorsed this new approach:
Makoto Ozone,Terumasa Hino,Kimiko Ito, Junko Moriya,TOKU, D.D.Bridgewater,Eddie Gomez,Steve Gatt,Jimmy Cobb,Herbie Mason…

We hope to welcome you as a member in October.
Many thanks,
Kyoko Seki, BODY&SOUL Owner

We apologize that the performance details are only available in Japanese. To see the performer’s name in English, click on the photos in the section “ライブスケジュール” (Live Schedule) . To reserve a ticket, click the「予約」bottom or call (+81)-03-5466-3348. We look forward to your visit!

ChargesPerformance timesSeatingReservationsPrivate Party

The standard entry fee is ¥3,500 per person, (food and drinks not included) but prices may differ depending on the show. Please refer to the schedule for information and prices for each show and also take the time to view our food and drinks page where menu prices are listed. Please note that food and drinks are subject to a 5% consumption tax and there is also a 5% service charge bringing total surcharges to 10%.
Performance Times
【Opening time of performance changed from July 2010】

Recently, many customers tend to leave early to catch the last train.
Maybe it’s because of this deflation.
We are going to change the show times from July,
so that all the customers can relax and enjoy the show and not worry about the last train.

〈The new time table〉

Open:19:00 (Weekdays) 18:00(Saturdays, Sunday/Holidays)
1st set 20:00~/2nd set 21:45~
(Saturdays, Sunday/Holidays) 1st set 19:00~/2nd set 20:45~
We’ve decided not to change the opening time on the weekdays
because of the rehearsals and the dinner time for the staffs and the musicians.
We ask for your understanding.

Each stage lasts for approximately 75 minutes with the second stage scheduled to finish at 23:30.
Please understand that performance times may vary according to each musician.
Entry fees usually cover both shows, but on occasions we do hold special live shows consisting of two stages with each stage charged separately.
Please check the schedule or call us to determine the charges for each show.

Sunday Special
We have this ?Sunday Special? about once a month. We made this time table only for Sundays so that the customers can come early and take time to enjoy their meals before the 1st set. The performers are mostly musicians who do not perform very often, or sometimes it could be a performance which has a special purpose. We open at 17:00, and the 1st set starts at 18:00, and the 2nd set starts at 20:00. Please feel free to stop by with your family or your partner.
BS Point 〉System & Card
October~ we’ll abolish this point-system.
What is 〈BS Point〉 ?
♪If you pay by cash, you’ll get 5 points per 100yen(=5%off)
(Please show us your BS point card when you pay the check. We’ll add your points to your BS Point Card)
♪In addition, if you order a full bottle(whiskey, Bourbon, Brandy, liqueur of any kind)
You’ll get 5points per 100yen of the bottle’s price.
(Please show us your BS point card as soon as you order the bottle, we’ll add your points to your BS Point card immediately.)Benefits♪You can use your BS point any time (1point=1yen) when paying your check.
♪You can exchange 2000 points for one B&S Label CD(Choose from 9 titles), which is usually 2500yen.
♪This BS Point card takes the place of the original “Membership Card”.
♪We’ll send you our club’s information and schedules by E-mail or by post mail if you wish.
♪BS Point is valid for a year.It’s so cool〈BS Point Card〉 photo
Information Poster pdf
The venue holds approximately 60~70 people.
Inside View
Show reservations are accepted from the first day of the month proceeding the month of the performance (i.e. August shows can be reserved from July 1st). However, for popular weekend events and special musicians we do accept reservations earlier than usual. Persons making a reservation will be allocated seating but no tickets will be issued, and guests with reservations are requested to be at the venue before 8pm. We cannot guarantee reserved seats after 19:30 and they will be given away on a first come first served basis. For further information or to make a booking please call us at 03-5466-3348 after 5pm. Unfortunately we are unable to accept reservations by email.
Body & Soul is located in Minami Aoyama between Kotto-Dori and Roppongi-Dori. For first time guests our venue can be a little tricky to find so for clear directions please call us before coming.
Address: 6-13-9 Minami Aoyama, Minato-Ku, Tokyo
Phone: 03-5466-3348 (after 5pm)
Event Packages and Private Parties
Why not use Body & Soul for your own private function and feel what it’s like to be a professional musician?
Apart from our regular opening times we can also accommodate Sunday and weekday lunch events including: wedding receptions, birthday parties and alumni gatherings etc. We are more than happy to make our piano, bass amplifier, and drum set available to you, and our friendly staff will assist with P.A system operation. Our marvelous chef creates a variety of sumptuous dishes that include French and /or Italian style cuisine optional as a buffet. These combined with our distinct variety of quality wines allows you to totally relax and pamper your palette while discussing fleeting matters. Please enquire with us about our event packages and costs.


This beautiful and cozy wine and jazz bar lies only one minute walk from the North exit of Yohga station on the Denetoshi line (Phone: 03-3700-8622). Come and be comforted by the wonderful jazz sounds while enjoying our range of carefully selected rare and high class wines from around the world.

V Trading】Tel.03-5717-9914

This wholesale wine company provides most of the wines for Body & Soul. At this special place the wine flows regularly as it is tested for quality and to ensure that only the best wines are imported directly from vineyards. V Trading stocks a well priced range of fine and rare wines. If you have any special wine requests, we here at Body & Soul would be happy to provide an introduction and assist you with any discussions.

 Body&Soul FUJIEDA
Koji Suzuki, an original staff member from Body & Soul opened this local jazz bar in 1998. All Body & Soul’s precious LPs from the days when live shows were not the main source of entertainment are kept here. If you’re in the area please stop by for a look.

【CDs and DVDs】
We currently have three “Live at Body & Soul” titles available:
1. Shigeharu Mukai Quintet
2. Shige Ofukuda Trio with Toshiku Nunokawa
3. Yoshio Suzuki’s East Bounce with Aiyako Ugawa
If you would like to purchas,or have any questions about these CDs
please contact Body and Soul .