【50th Aniv.Special Live】
「50周年の夏」特別企画 第1弾は7月末〜
(2024年5月28日付 May.28th)

Schedule & Reservation

《Toshiyuki Miyasaka(vo) New Quartet》
Daytime Live

Toshiyuki Miyasaka(vo) Yuichi Narita(pf) Akiyoshi Shimizu(b) Ryo Kawamura(ds)

[Jazz Vocal ♫ Standard/Original]

  • Music Charge:¥4,500(税込¥4,950)[学割税込¥3,000]
  • ※学割ご利用のお客様はご予約の際に(フォームのご要望欄にて)その旨をお知らせください。(学割表示のある公演日のみ適用されます。)


  • Open: 14:00
  • 1st stage: 15:00
  • 2nd stage: 16:30


To first-time customers

◉What is Music Charge ?

Apart from food and drink, the fee paid for music.Basically, it will be the performance fee of the performer.In general, like our shop playing live jazz music,it is not a ticket system but a charge fee.Although the performing musicians are different on a daily,charges are almost constant, except forspecial performers or events.

◉Not for each stage, You can enjoy both 2 stages.

Our music charge fee is Not for each stage, You can enjoy both 2 stages.