“The One and Only” Jazz club in the world

BODY&SOUL is one of the first jazz clubs that opened up when jazz first came to Japan. You can come here, sit back relax and enjoy real live jazz music. That’s what BODY&SOUL is all about.
BODY&SOUL isn’t just known for being one of the oldest and most prestigious jazz clubs in Japan, but it’s also known among jazz musicians in NY and all over the world.World famous musicians who come to Japan on tour often stop by and visit us. That’s how famous BODY&SOUL is.

Kyoko A.K.A “Kyoko MaMa”, the owner of the club has been cultivating this club for 40 years, listening to live jazz every night with her customers. That shows her love and dedication for the music. We hope that you will join us for a wonderful evening at BODY&SOUL.

F.Y.I. In 2015 BODY&SOUL was named “one of the world’s top jazz venues” by America’s most famous and historical jazz magazine DOWNBEAT. That year DOWNBEAT had only chosen four clubs in Japan and we were one of them.

Club with an “at home” atmosphere

BODY&SOUL isn’t a large concert hall. It fits at max 50~60 seats, which is considered a medium size club in Japan. This allows the customers to feel “at home” and cozy. We are one of the few jazz clubs in Japan that has an amazing chef. That being said, BODY&SOUL is the only club where you’ll get real gourmet food while listening to real Jazz music.


Our musicians are special

Only top class musicians perform at BODY&SOUL, so you will always get the best quality music whenever you come. Also, many jazz musicians who have gone major started their career here. We have also gotten numerous compliments on the acoustics of the club not only from customers, but musicians as well. As a result many live recordings have been produced here. Therefore BODY&SOUL is the only club where you will hear top musicians with the best acoustics every night.

A cultural Jazz club

One thing that makes BODY&SOUL unique among other clubs is that we keep a daily blog of all our performances. You will be able to read a detailed summary of last night’s performance the next day telling you who performed and what songs they played etc. It’s very common for clubs to advertise upcoming bands on their website including biographies of the musicians. On the other hand BODY&SOUL is most likely the only club to give a detailed summary of their performances every night. (Usually the summaries are written in Japanese, but sometimes they are translated into English.) Kyoko Mama has also published a book including many stories about her encounters with many Jazz musicians throughout her 40 years of running the club.